XLSX.DataTable error

My script was running OK while on Julia V1.7. I recently upgraded my Julia to V1.8.5, now I have trouble reading info out of xlsx files. Would anyone please help me out?

Here are the errors:

ERROR: LoadError: MethodError: no method matching iterate(::XLSX.DataTable)
Closest candidates are:
  iterate(::Union{LinRange, StepRangeLen}) at range.jl:872
  iterate(::Union{LinRange, StepRangeLen}, ::Integer) at range.jl:872
  iterate(::T) where T<:Union{Base.KeySet{<:Any, <:Dict}, Base.ValueIterator{<:Dict}} at dict.jl:712

Based on the Line numbers of the error report, it is the 2nd line of my code below that triggered the above errors.

F2 = "/Volumes/Working/Matlab_setpathFiles/LME/WestCoast.xlsx";
West = DataFrame(XLSX.readtable(F2, "WestCoast_final", header=false)...);

I think you just need to remove the ... before the end bracket.

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James is right, see


Your issue is unrelated to your Julia version, it appears that in moving to Julia 1.8 you updated XLSX.jl from version 0.7 to 0.8, which is a breaking change.


It is working now. Thank you so much for the trick!