Error reading an XLSX file

Hello everybody

I’m having trouble reading the fields from my XLSX file, when I try this error message appears: MethodError: no method matching iterate(::XLSX.DataTable)

using DataFrames, XLSX

r = string(@__DIR__,"\\teste.xlsx"); XLSX.readxlsx(r)
raquel = DataFrame(XLSX.readtable(r, "raquel")...) MethodError: no method matching iterate(::XLSX.DataTable)

XLSXFile(“teste.xlsx”) containing 3 Worksheets

               raquel 4x1           A1:A4        
               andrea 4x1           A1:A4        
               arthur 4x1           A1:A4 

You are using outdated syntax, see:

or the docstring:

help?> XLSX.readtable()
  ) -> DataTable

  Returns tabular data from a spreadsheet as a struct XLSX.DataTable. Use this function to create a DataFrame from package DataFrames.jl.



  julia> using DataFrames, XLSX

  julia> df = DataFrame(XLSX.readtable("myfile.xlsx", "mysheet"))
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