Xeon Phi Knights Landing

I’ve got a new Xeon Phi Knights Landing machine, and I tried out the stock Julia 0.5 binary. Matrix multiplication is painfully slow (>100x). Recompilation with MKL 2017 failed. Before I go any further, if anyone out there has a KNL machine could you share your experiences here? I’d be grateful.

The Celeste project frequently runs julia on KNL. As you might imagine it’s a little tricky as all the software is still playing catch-up. In any case, you’ll want to use a recent version of julia 0.6 and recompile it with an equally recent version of LLVM. The instructions in https://github.com/jeff-regier/Celeste.jl/issues/391 might help



… sounds like a nice machine you got there :grin:

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