JuliaPro is available, but no MKL?


how to ask them to build the MKL version?


There was a table showing free and commercial version with the latter with MKL. Or I seem to remember that, and no longer find it.

Possibly there’s just one version now only without MKL. I don’t know, nor why. Maybe it’s no longer considered needed with Julia/OpenBLAS now faster? Or possibly it’s just easy to get MKL separately? Before you needed a non-GPL version of Julia and now it’s close to it or already there. Possibly even if Julia is not yet GPL-free, possibly JuliaPro is (as it’s strictly speaking proprietary software built on open source)? And in either case, you’re always allowed to add propriatary, e.g. MKL, in your installation, even adding to GPL, then only you’re not allowed to distribute the whole later.

You can also download older versions of JuliaPro, possibly one of is MKL (i.e. still available online) if that works for you temporarily.

The discussion ends like (and I believe SuiteSparse is no longer a dependeny of Julia):

If MKL and OpenBLAS are ABI-compatible, then LD_PRELOAD should do the trick. If they are not ABI-compatible, the one can […] As MKL ships an FFTW-compatible interface, it sounds like SuiteSparse is your only mandatary GPL dependency interfering with MKL binary redistribution.

JuliaPro- – MKL (for Windows) - (762.17M)
JuliaPro- – MKL (for Linux) - (1.02G)
JuliaPro - MKL (for Mac) - (2.47G)
JuliaPro- – MKL (for Linux) – ASC - (490.00B)

Sorry to bring up an old thread. I am curious as to what changed in order for Julia to be able to distribute both an MKL and non-MKL version?


Please discuss this on discourse.

I am locking this in order to not discuss this further here, and redirecting folks to discourse.

Possibly some of the googleble solutions are helpful (what applies to 0.7, should also to Julia 1.0, and also JuliaPro I think):


OpenBLAS is still incredibly slow compared to MKL on any processor with avx-512, so it’s not that it has improved (although OpenBLAS is actively adding kernels).

I have the impression however that MKL is no longer supported. Arpack.jl depends on OpenBLAS, and many packages depend on Arpack, including Distributions.jl and LightGraphs.jl if you use MKL. Both of these are supported by JuliaPro.