Write data to Arrow file row by row

I have a large amount of data I am loading from an API and I would like to write the output of each call to a “row” of a file in order not to keep it in RAM/ in case the program errors. I have been using the Arrow.jl package for data reading/writing needs recently and really like it. However, I have not found a way to append rows to an Arrow file and was wondering if that is possible?


Here is my current example that does not work:

using Arrow, Tables

dat = [(a=1, b=2), (a=3,b=4)]
open("test.feather", "a+") do io
    for row in dat
        Arrow.write(io, [row])

Arrow.Table("test.feather") |> Tables.rowtable
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Did you find an answer for this?


I think the answer is no

I ended up using the jsonlines format instead. If the file ends up too large I use it with GZip.jl

I don’t see it in the docs, but

added some support for this.

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