Would i get financial support for https://juliacomputing.com/training/? [ Any support for students from all over world]

Is it possible to get financial aid for student who want to make further career in julia/ml.
Thank you :slight_smile:

I can’t speak for Julia Computing, but since generally there is lots of excellent free material about these topics, I am not sure that asking them to give you a red carpet/VIP version of the same thing for free is a reasonable request.

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:slight_smile: . After searching other materials and some free education community. I was able to found any thing for free. but not this though. But other books. :slight_smile: I think i should delete this question :slight_smile:

We (I am speaking for Julia Computing here) do give student discounts on our courses β€” contact us for details. We also have made much of the content available freely; the premium service here is for the interactive small class experience with direct access to the instructor.


Thank you I’m applying it immediately. I have another question. I should dm you :slight_smile: I’ve got solution :slight_smile: