Where to ask for a couple of small promotional computational credits for the best students of two courses where I teach?

Hi there, I am teaching a course on “Introduction to Scientific Programming and Machine Learning” to a couple of non-CS master students classes in France using a blended learning approach, and I would like to give as a sort of “biscuit” to the 2 classes, a “prize” to the best student of the class for the online activities, and I thought of providing them with a small allowance on some online computational environment (JuliaHub??) to allow them to start their own project after the course.
I could ask for funding from the University / master manager, but… France is a bit bureaucratic, I would need to ask the organisation to create an entry on Chorus Pro, make a personalised quote and then make an invoice citing the order number… not kidding… so I thought instead if there is the possibility to have a couple of small computational allowances, sort of promotional vouchers to give them to the best students of the two classes… I already wrote to sales at juliacomputing.com but they didn’t even reply me :-/