Julia training course costs?

Hello Julia community!

My workplace (based in Australia) is thinking of organising training for staff to learn Julia, specifically machine learning with Julia. Of course, part of the process involves giving a rough cost estimate.

I suggested the training from Julia Computing as they came to mind first naturally. A colleague reached out to them to inquire about pricing but haven’t heard back yet and we need numbers to put in soon (EDIT: before the end of this week!).

Just wondering if anyone has had experience with the training from Julia Computing, and how much the total cost was (even if it’s a rough estimate).


Note that there are also plenty of free learning resources out there: the official Julia website lists a few.

Some of them are about machine learning specifically, like this one. Another option is for me to once again tag @hill for his awesome intro to ML and Julia:


I think that a lot depends on the details (duration of the course, in-person or online, learning objectives), especially how much individual work the participants are willing to do. Eg at one extreme, if you want a semester-length course in person at a location where you have to ask someone to visit, you could be running into 5 digits easily (with travel and accommodation). But on the other end, if you want a few online lectures, and maybe individual help when participants get stuck, you could manage with a few thousand dollars.

You have to provide details. But I agree with @gdalle, free material takes you a long way. Combine it with a bit of guidance from a skilled mentor and you should be set.


JuliaHub (formerly Julia Computing) has responded to the request from AIMS.



Yes, thank you. We’re thinking virtual lectures with some tutorials. Think like an intensive short course over 2 or 3 days. Attendees would be spread across Australia.

I’m aware there’s plenty of free material but I also think having a set time with someone experienced is a good motivator for people to commit to learn. Otherwise Julia would always be something they’ve heard of but haven’t had the time to try yet.


If I wanted to learn Julia to do X in a training course, I would

  1. find the packages related to X,
  2. compile a list of their main contributors,
  3. try to guess which of them would be good lecturers (eg I would watch their JuliaCon videos, or online lectures if applicable, etc)
  4. approach a few of them.

Just my 2 cents.