Wot - no Julia?

SO what would Julia’s character be then?

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I tend to describe Julia as talking to a scientist. You can say something very vague, but it specializes the meaning of what you say to something very specific, and so your conversation (syntax) looks very generic, but you’re actually having a very deep and well-defined conversation every step of the way.


I think Julia would be like a crocodile. It would sit quietly in the water for several minutes, appearing to do absolutely nothing aside from the sound of breathing, “prrrrr prrrrrrrrecompillling”.

Then like a flash it would jump from out of the water, sprint thirty metres and tear a wild matrix to shreds.

After a few rounds of this it would overdo itself and suffer an unfortunate heart attack, able only to moan its final words, “Please, tell my wife… steps to reproduce this fault, and any error messages that follow …”