Comments please on a series of talks

Hi all – I would love to hear comments on a set of talks I am presenting to NITheCS.

Here’s brief description of the audience: they are an online community of South African scientists (see So I expect scientific sophistication but not too much knowledge of Julia.

And here is the outline:

TITLE: The Julia language: easy, generic, fast (but no free lunch)

DESCRIPTION: These four talks on Julia form a general and high-level introduction to Julia as a language for scientific computing.

  • Talk 1: A showcase of Julia code, development interfaces and achievements, and introducing the claims that Julia solves the two-language problem, and also solves the expression problem.

  • Talk 2: Julia’s design principles and tradeoffs (covering things like multiple dispatch, the type system, the object model, modularity, scope rules, JIT compilation, code introspection, parallellisation by design, and perhaps others)

  • Talk 3: The DifferentialEquations organisation (which claims to be by far the best general-purpose system of packages for differential equations).

  • Talk 4: Rapid development of performant code, massive code re-use: does Julia really solve the two-language problem and the expression problem? And what might this mean for HPC?


Maybe you are just seeking feedback on the outline, or do you have a link to draft slides/videos? I would be interested in watching.

No videos yet, just notes! Actually, it is live online anyway. I’ll
check to see if it would be OK to post a link here.

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For Talks 1 and 2 there is a great source of material in the notebook here

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Thanks! I like what I see!

Hi all – the course starts next week, 1 hour on each of the four Wednesdays of September at 14h00 (UTC+2). Register here.

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