Working with Weave.jl and jmd files

I’m putting together .jmd examples for a few packages- to build pdfs, jupyter notebooks and package documentation.

Does anyone have a good workflow for working with jmd? In both vim and Atom I struggle to actually use and update the jmd files because I have no way to manually run the code line by line, and the code is hard to read as it lacks syntax highlighting.

Ok to answer my own question helps a lot for atom. I didn’t see it in the Weave docs but its adctually in the readme.

Vim support is also on the way


In the juno setting, you can modify the scopes from which you can use ctrl-enter to eval lines using Julia. I have added markdown code blocks there, as well as latex algorithm blocks, so that I can eval Julia code no matter where it appears :smiley:

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VS Code also supports jmd files, including a preview render story.

do you have an example or tutorial for this?