Easily run code in .jmd file (Weave.jl)


Is there an easy way to run the code chunks from a .jmd file in the REPL?
I am using VS Code, and like using Weave.jl to properly document my simulations.
However, it would be nice if running code was easier from a development perspective.

Is there a way of making this work?

@Antomek: I do not see any replies to you.

In VSCode: You probably know that you can (manually) highlight the code in a julia code-chunk, or any portion of it, and execute it in a Julia REPL, by pressing SHIFT-Enter (on a Mac, something similar on other machines).

Not great, but workable. Have not found a way to have VSCode recognize the code chunks in a .jmd file and step through them, like RStudio does for .Rmd files. Have you?
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