Workflow to produce dynamic documents?

is there any “suggested” workflow to produce dynamic documents with Julia and Juno ?

I mean a place where one can mix LaTeX (better) or Markdown (ok) code with Julia code and get it compiled together with Julia output (and optionally input) in PDF ?
I’m thinking mainly DataTables and plots outputs for scientific papers.

Having the paper and the code that generates its results together would be great.

I think this should be possible with Jupyter (see 1, 2 and 3), but aside that it is not straightforward, I would prefer using Juno where using “Run block of code” I can “split” the code in the different chunks I need rather than pre-defining cells of code in advance (yes, I know you can then split/merge them).

Maybe GitHub - JunoLab/Weave.jl: Scientific reports/literate programming for Julia


That looks great (and the faster reply I ever had :wink: ). Tk