Work with us at the Machine Learning ⇌ Science Colaboratory (Tübingen, Germany)

The mlcolab is, for me, a dream come true.

We talk to researchers from all disciplines, (cognitive science, plant biology, computational linguistics, environmental engineering, paleoclimatology, quantum physics, history, …) and figure out how to empower them for discovery with state-of-the-art machine learning. For us, developing free software and sharing with the world our insights on the algorithm, the dev process and the findings is an integral part of the job. We also seek to train scientists so that they can trail the path on their own with minimal advice.

Julia can play a great role in all of that - the mlcolab is a good place to showcase the potential of the language and its ecosystem, with real data of scientific interest. We are forming a team and recently advertised a job ( and I would be delighted to receive applications from the kind of people I see around in the Julia community - competent, kind and creative.

So, please - check us out, and apply if you are interested!

Kind regards,

PS. Do feel free to reach out to me by e-mail or here in case you have doubts or questions. I want to emphatetically encourage applications from those underrepresented in the STEM world.


Dear Julians, friends of the mapreduce and the index alike,

Only ~ one week to go to the deadline! Feel free to DM or e-mail if you have questions about the job, our ML⇌Science Colab or what is it like to live and work in Tübingen-Germany, which was just ranked 1st in Germany for machine learning.

Happy holidays for all of you wherever you are!