Come with us as a Research Fellow in machine learning for science

Dear Julians,

At the Cluster of Excellence ML in Science, located in Tübingen, Germany, we are looking for research fellows to carry out a research program with machine learning applied to the natural sciences, the social sciences or the humanities.

One of the host labs that you will be able to choose from is our ML ⇌ Science Colaboratory. Our mission is to collaborate with researchers across disciplines, so we have access to challenging research questions and valuable datasets. With @sethaxen in the team driving efforts to make ML software more accessible to scientists, we are also super Julia-friendly. We have powerful compute infrastructure, lots of collaboration, great socials and generally heaps of fun.

Tübingen, recently rated #1 location for AI in Germany, hosts a research campus including leading companies, multiple Max Planck institutes and is also a vibrant university town with great quality of life.

Have a look at the job advertisement, we’d be delighted to have more fellow julians among us!


Hi I am nuclear medicine physician finalizing the Phd in FDG PET/CT and MSc in Computer Science - specialization Big Data, and Julia programmer, as an example my medical image viewer below. Are You operating also in medical images domain, or planning to , because I did not seen it in your page?

Hi Jakub,

Thanks for your message; I’ve just seen it!

So far we haven’t worked in medical imaging. But there is one PI in the Cluster working on that domain: Christian Baumgartner.

Best of luck,