Senior Scientist, Decision Science @ Merck

Decision science (dynamical modeling, optimisation, uncertainty quantification, and beyond) with :juliaheartpulsing:!



  • Fluency in at least one programming language for science, e.g., Julia, Matlab, Python


  • Experience in Julia-based scientific computing, e.g., SciML, AlgebraicJulia, DynamicalSystems

@ChrisRackauckas It’s the first time I see SciML mentioned in a job ad, so the other languages seem just mentioned for a non-ideal candidate.


Yeah, the primary language indeed is Julia.

@thevolatilebit I just saw this job posted yesterday. Today I looked at the post on Merck’s website and it says job is not posted anymore. Is the job still available or perhaps the job posting just expires after a certain number of days?

@bdeonovic Just today I was informed that the job posting has expired :neutral_face:.

Should I check back periodically to see if it gets posted again? I assume the link will be different, so is best to just check the Merck website?

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@bdeonovic Thanks for asking! I’d regularly check the company’s job postings there. And in case you have a particular interest in Julia :juliaheartpulsing: but come across an ad which doesn’t mention it, don’t worry, you will get a chance to adopt it :wink:

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