Windows: capitalization of the HOME environment variable


I have HOME defined in an environment variable. Starting with Julia v0.5.0, I could install packages, but I could not load them with using or import. It turns out, I had the capitalization wrong in my HOME environment variable. That hasn’t been a problem with other programs (including Julia v0.4.x) because Windows programs don’t normally care about file/path case. Once I fixed my capitalization, things worked fine.

It might help someone else who was confused by this. The error message wasn’t obvious other than giving me a good place in the code to start looking.

Julia 0.5 can't load basic modules

This is good to keep in mind, and a common pain point on windows systems. I use some software that looks for proxy settings in a “http_proxy” environment variable, and others that want a “HTTP_PROXY” environment variable, and I can’t define both…


Did you have the capitalization of HOME wrong, or the path itself?


My problem was the capitalization of the path.


This is probably due to, which made the using Foo statement case-sensitive on case-insensitive filesystems like Windows.

However, making the path case-sensitive as well may have been an unintended side-effect that we should reconsider. In fact, it looks like it only does this on Windows; on Mac case-insensitive systems, it only checks the case of the module name and not the whole path.


A fix has been merged for Julia 0.6.