Willing apprentice seeks tutor / mentor

Hello everyone!

I would love to muck in. Julia-dev would be a great new hobby! I notice the main repo has 1800 open issues against 9000 closed, which is quite a high fraction I think. I would like to have a go at closing a few out.

But the level of engineering skill required is really high! Maybe it is the highest in the world?

Is there anyone out there that would be happy to guide me (Skype + CRD screen share) towards finding my feet and getting productive?

I would be happy to pay £30 pounds an hour (which is what I make teaching math). I know it’s only a small fraction of an appropriate wage for a developer of the calibre that can contribute to a project such as this, so it would be more a token of appreciation than anything else.

My goal would be to get a decent understanding of the internals that would enable me to eventually become an active component of the developer community.

A few hours with a few different people would catapult me far beyond anywhere I can reach by stumbling around on my own in the foreseeable future.

Please PM me or post if you might be happy to spare a couple of hours.

I think the best way to starting developing on Julia is to look at issues marked with the intro issue label on GitHub. Then if you make reasonably working pull requests, people will happily help you to improve them. The secret is to choose issues which you can master – else you would waste your and everybody’s time.

Also, following the reviewing activity on GitHub is a great way to learn how things work.