Will Julia 1.8 be the last 1.x release?

Purely speculative - is it true that the 1.x series will wrap up soon before development shifts to 2.0? For example, should I expect 1.7 to be the last “feature release”, and 1.8 to be a “transitional release” to provide an upgrade path to 2.0?

Where have you heard anything like that? Everything I’ve heard about this is that 2.0 is “years away”, and that the devs are committed to a long v1 cycle. Have I misread that?


That’s the first I’m hearing of this, how did you get that impression? As far as I know, no breaking changes are planned for the foreseeable future, though some have been created as issues on github to make sure they’re not lost to time. They’ll be looked at when 2.0 is considered (they’re breaking after all), but their existence doesn’t mean that 2.0 will happen anytime soon.

No, no, and no.