When Julia 1.6.0 will be officially released?

Anyone know when Julia 1.6.0 will be officially released ? Thanks !

The short answer is “when it’s ready”.
The slightly longer answer is that we will put out a release candidate once there are no known problems with the release. A final version will be released 1 week after a release candidate if no issues are found.

My guess is 1.6rc1 by new years, but that is only a guess.


Good! I’m looking forword to 1.6.0 LTS.

Note that 1.6 won’t be the LTS branch until 1.7 is released. LTS is meant to be very stable, and no release is until it’s had a patch release.

But that is a subtlety that has no big practical consequences, isn’t it? I mean, making 1.6 the LTS version means that it will keep receiving bugfixes (1.6.x), even if there are later minor releases around (1.7, 1.8…). But 1.6 may be expected to be updated with bugfixes also before 1.7 is released. So, even if the official declaration of LTS does not come before 1.7 is live, that event won’t change the lives of 1.6 users, right?

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