Which sorting algorithm should I use?

I am currently writing an algorithm where I have to use sortperm multiple times. After reading about this issue https://github.com/JuliaLang/julia/issues/939#issuecomment-288758163 I realized that there seem to be some problems with the performance of sortperm, and I can therefore perhaps improve the performance of my code by using a suitable sorting algorithm.

In the algorithm that I am writing, I have to sort a quite small vector (length < 10000) where the elements in the vector are Floats that are of the same magnitude and close to each other. I am currently using the default setting in sortperm. But for this particular case, there might be some other sorting algorithm that is preferable?

You could see that between this comment and this comment sortperm! improved from 14.113 μs (3 allocations: 48 bytes) to 212.952 ns (3 allocations: 48 bytes) so what is best could be changed with Julia’s implementations.

Maybe writing some benchmark test function which return best function/algorithm for representative sample of your data would be best solution?

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Use radix sort from SortingAlgorithms

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