Which package you get depends on your `add`-history

Warning for other new users of Julia 0.7. (I never had this problem before.)
I added some packages then finally DataFrames. I got v0.10.0, which did not compile. I removed all packages (rm and gc). Then I added DataFrames again and got v0.13.0, which compiles fine.

Did you manage to add all the other packages again without that DataFrames got downgraded to v0.10.0?

The resolve will try to pick a package version which is compatible with what you already have installed.

The culprit is DataTables. I think I will be fine without that package.

(v0.7) pkg> add DataTables

[a93c6f00] ↓ DataFrames v0.13.0 ⇒ v0.10.1