I can't add the package DataFrames to v"0.7.0-DEV.3182" compiled as nonGPL


When I tried to add the package DataFrames to Julia v"0.7.0-DEV.3182" compiled as nonGPL I got many warnings and errors in binaries.jl, dependencies.jl and bindeps.jl. To solve this I used
“Nothing” instead of “Void”, and
“MakeTargets(target::Vector{S} … where S <: AbstractString …” instead of “MakeTargets{S <: AbstractString} (target::Vector{S} …” without quotes. And some other correction which I don’t remember.

Right now I get the error: “ERROR: LoadError: LoadError: syntax: unexpected “,”” from dependencies.jl.
Related code line of dependencies.jl is: ccall(:jl_read_sonames, ,())

Is it because of package manager is not consistent with ver 7.0?

Or is it related with nonGPL compilation? I mean is there some GPL dependencies for package manager or DataFrames on Julia side?

PS: I used cygwin64 on win10 64 home

I don’t think that is an issue with non-GPL. Its just that most/many/some packages are not compatible with master. And things are regularly changing on master, such that it will not be guaranteed to work tomorrow, even if it worked today.


You are right. It worked with version 0.6.2.