Where to find collaborators for numeric modelling with Julia?

I don’t know if this is the right spot to put this post but I am looking for possible collaborators for modeling bacteria/phage interactions. I am not quite confident with DifferentialEquations, DiffEqFlux, and the other packages required for a proper numerical analysis because I am a biologist by trade.
Thus, I am looking for somebody interested in guiding me in the building of the model, possibly through the collaboration for a scientific article. I can’t post all the troubles encountered in the building because it will take longer to create a workable example than solving the real thing and there might be many many posts.
Would this space be good for this call or are there better community huts?
Thank you

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If you’re looking for a venue, https://julialang.zulipchat.com/ is more suited to chat-style back-and-forth than Discourse is, while retaining the persistent chat history and Latex etc (unlike Slack which will lose your records within ~10 days). Zulip is not as populous as Slack, but a bunch of the scientific and math people hang out there.


More than chatting, I am looking for a true collaborator…

By “chat” I just mean it does a better job at fast-paced conversation than Discourse does.

Maybe I misunderstood your question. I was saying Zulip is a good platform for technical conversation. For finding the people to collaborate with, there’s Discourse, Zulip, Discord, Slack, and JuliaCon.

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I wrote a direct message, I might be interested.

And to append on jzr’s reply: In Zulip/Slack there are channels for specific application fields. That could also be a good place to find people.

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There is specifically a #sciml-sysbio channel on the Slack for this community, and it is very active.

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