I Need help with DiffEqFlux

Hello Everyone,
six days ago, I posted that ‘I need help on Lotka_voltera code on the blog: DiffEqFlux.jl – A Julia Library for Neural Differential Equations , but for some reason i never get it running no matter how i tried’. I am still waiting for any help.
Thank you

No need to double post. What happened was you meant to post in Help on Lotka Voltera model Parameter Estimation - #6 by ChrisRackauckas, but it seems you posted in the wrong thread (Please read: make it easier to help you - #112 by Miraj_Miraj) so your response wasn’t seen. I commented on the original thread to get this going. Though please follow the guidelines of Please read: make it easier to help you and share the code that you ran, as otherwise we do not know what exactly you ran!

No problem, thank you.