Gentle introduction to spatial modelling in Julia

I have a set of ODEs to model the interaction between a bacterium and a phage, which gives the following results:

I would like to model how the model works on a 2D space (let’s say a section of skin). The idea is to have a central square (thus I am looking for an 11x11 grid, so cell 6,6 will be the central one) where to do something (perhaps increase the number of phages) and see how the perturbation spreads around.

The following step would be to plot the grid and shade each cell according to the color of the bacterium, then usperimpose the shade of the phage (if I use green and red, the more the resulting color is brown, the more the two microbes are equal in concentration, for instance).

I have seen that there is the package DynamicGrids.jl, but I am not a mathematician so I have difficulties understanding it. Is there a gentle introduction other than this post?

How can I implement this model?

Thank you

The simplest introduction package is probably to use MethodOfLines.jl and write down the reaction-diffusion equation.

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Thank you!