Where can I download Juliaup? I have no Windows Store access

Is there a download location for Juliaup for the Windows platform other than the Windows store?

My workplace restricts Windows Store access, so I can’t get it there.


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The repository is here GitHub - JuliaLang/juliaup: Julia installer and version multiplexer

Perhaps create an issue there and/or build from source. @davidanthoff is probably the best person to answer definitively.

Welcome. In case it’s not clear, or to help along, you can also just download julia, the binary, and not use juliaup (at least for now). It’s however great to have, but only adds convenience.

Is this not relevant?

One can also install exactly the same version by executing

winget install julia -s msstore

For me works great on Linux. Since I’m not on Windows, I’m not sure about the above, but could/should juliaup (also) be hosted at julialang.org, if not for Windows users, then others?

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See https://discourse.julialang.org/t/looking-for-feedback-from-users-that-currently-cant-install-juliaup-from-the-windows-store . Just be aware that this is an experimental solution at the moment. But it’s meant to become the way to install juliaup on Windows when the windows store is blocked or limited, and the devs would love to hear your feedback if you try it out.


In https://discourse.julialang.org/t/looking-for-feedback-from-users-that-currently-cant-install-juliaup-from-the-windows-store/85507 by @davidanthoff, you can see

If you are a Windows user who currently can’t install Juliaup from the Windows Store, please continue reading and consider helping out :slight_smile:

I have a new setup option for Juliaup on Windows that might work for users where the Windows Store option is currently blocked or broken. If you can, please consider trying that option out (instructions below) and reporting back here in this thread or over at Alternative to Windows Store for Windows · Issue #343 · JuliaLang/juliaup · GitHub .

To try this option, download https://install.julialang.org/Julia.appinstaller and then launch the downloaded file.

Small warning: this new option is quite experimental, and some things don’t work yet. I don’t think any of that is in any way serious, just be prepared for a slightly bumpy experience and don’t try this if you have a deadline coming up. You might also have to uninstall and reinstall at some point during the test phase.
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Hope this help