Where are CHOLMOD and sparse linear algebra operations in 0.7?

It seems that sparse linear algebra source files in 0.7 are no longer in the base folder of the Julia distribution but have been moved to the site folder. What is the significance of this change? My 0.6 code has the following statement:

import Base.SparseArrays.CHOLMOD.FactorComponent

which no longer works in 0.7. What is the correct version of this for 0.7?

Another question: I couldn’t find documentation of the sparse version of cholfact in the 0.7 manual. Where did the documentation go?

(And P.S.: I haven’t been able to download an 0.7 nightly for Windows for over a week - the link on the download page is broken. Is this a known issue?)


Use import SparseArrays.CHOLMOD.FactorComponent

Looks like SuiteSparse stlib has lost its docs.


Thanks very much! Could you explain a bit what is the difference between the base and site source-code folders in the 0.7 Julia distribution? In 0.6, the site folder was empty.

Sorry: this

import SparseArrays.CHOLMOD.FactorComponent

didn’t work – I received an UndefVarError on CHOLMOD. I tried it two ways: with a prior declaration using SparseArrays and without.

julia> import SuiteSparse.CHOLMOD.FactorComponent