When is the next run of "Introduction to Computational Thinking"?

Hello there, any news on when is the next run of " Introduction to Computational Thinking" scheduled for ?
I do strongly prefer to follow an online course that runs “live”, with forums, assignments and due dates rather than consults an archived course…

My 2 cents, would be really great to have it bundled on edX/MITx…


I too am interested that course again, but while browsing the mitmath GitHub repository I noticed a Julia Computation course that appears to be about to start on 8th September 2022, if I have interpreted things correctly:

Also it may be of interest to some that doggo dot jl on YouTube is planning a series called “Julia Differential Equations for Beginners[info viewed 6th Sept 2022] the first video due to be openly available on 18th Sept 2022.


Thanks very much… the HW0 is the same, while the content seems to have some-how a different organisation, but leading toward the same objectives overall… wondering if there is some space to discuss course content with fellows or TAs for non-MIT students…

Yes it is starting again this fall with a slightly different syllabus (I’m supposed to TA there)


Would be nice to have some public space associated to the course… and perhaps add some visibility of the course, e.g. the Julia newsletter…

Yeah the website has changed, I’ll ask Alan Edelman if we can publicize it


Here is the new home page of the class, which will be updated with materials as the year progresses: GitHub - mitmath/JuliaComputation: Repository for Common Ground C25
Do you think it warrants a Discourse announcement?


Will Grant Sanderson of 3B1B be involved this time?

I don’t have the info, if he is we’ll announce it on the GitHub repo

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Hi, the first lecture notebooks have some recorded videos (I believe from previous runs of the course). Will the subsequent lectures have videos too ? (currently, the Pluto notebooks of the second lecture that are posted in the repository have no video)

As of right now, the videos are only accessible for enrolled MIT students