Opportunities to get involved with MIT's Intro to Comp. Thinking course in Julia!

Hey folks, as many of you are likely aware, MIT has an Intro to Computational Thinking course taught by @dpsanders and Alan Edelman which ran in the Fall and uses Julia. The course featured folks like Grant Sanderson, James Schloss, @nassarhuda, and more!

Building off of that courses success, there will be an adapted version being offered in the Spring of 2021 at MIT which will be open to the world. We are looking for folks to get involved with this course from the Julia Community to help on a number of fronts:

  • Adding YouTube video time stamps to the video descriptions (awesome opportunity to re-watch or watch the content for the first time and more actively engage with it). If you want to help out, see here: GitHub - JuliaCommunity/IntroToCompThinkingVideoTimestamps: Repo to track the progress of adding time stamps to the https://computationalthinking.mit.edu/Fall20/ videos
  • Write a Julia script to automatically extract the video descriptions (containing the timestamps) and subtitles from our youtube videos, so that we can reuse that info on our website. If possible, we want to create a searchable index of our video content. You can use youtube’s API to do this, using the HTTP.jl and JSON.jl packages to call it from Julia. (You can also do it in another language) Ping @fonsp if this interests you!
  • Hosting live review sessions for the material covered in the course (we are thinking of ways to make the course engaging for the folks outside of MIT and the idea is that people learning Julia could engage live with folks like yourselves who have lots of Julia experience). We aren’t 100% sure how this will end up being formalized yet but if teaching folks Julia sounds like your kind of thing, please let us know here: Hosting Live Julia Review Sessions
  • Have deep Julia domain expertise and want to share it? Ping @dpsanders or Alan and they can see if there’s room in the course for additional or supplemental material. Much of the course’s structure is already planned out for this semester (@dpsanders :wink: ) but we would love to get interesting folks and topics into future iterations of the class.
  • Other ideas/suggestions for improving the course or getting involved? Please open an issue here: GitHub - mitmath/18S191: Course 18.S191 at MIT, fall 2020 - Introduction to computational thinking with Julia:, or reply in this thread, we would love to hear your feedback and have your support.

Thanks all! #JuliaLang