New introductory(ish) Julia class with materials available

Together with Alan Edelman, we have just started teaching a new half-semester introductory class on “Computational Thinking” using Julia at MIT (course number 6.S083).
It is during the second half of the semester, as an alternative to a similar Python course.

Lecture slides and a link to screen/audio captures (unedited) are available at

There is frequent reference to Python and the previous intro Python half-class, which has the number 6.0001.

I hope these materials prove useful to anyone looking for a somewhat fast-paced introduction to Julia, aimed at people with basic programming knowledge, although of course they are far from perfect.

Comments and corrections are gladly received, especially via Pull Request!


Just a quick note: the delay when setting y = sin(x) – I doubt that Julia is compiling it and therefore it takes a sizable fraction of a second or more to show (in my case 10 seconds!). I think this is due to the slowness of Atom. I just gave a tutorial and time delay of this sort caused quite a bit of consternation, with one student commenting that a hand calculator would have been faster.


where is the discussion form for this course

I’ve few questions regarding homework problems.

Unfortunately it’s not publicly available.


that’s sad :sob: . It’s the best course that i’ve found to learn julia(via practical applications) and now i can’t talk/discuss anything about it.
Although i couldn’t submit psets, i even completed all the homework problems in time(on my own, until i got stuck in homework 2 and lecture 4) and followed it through the course calendar.

thanks for the help :smile: ,
now i guess i’ll just have to google my query regarding homework problem…

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Yes sorry about that. It’s possible there will be a public version in the future.

For moment I suggest you ask questions here as long as they are not about the current problem set.

Would be cool to turn this into an mit edx class.

Yes that is the hope (“plan” is too strong a word at this point).


Will more video lectures be posted here or is the rest non-public as well?

Only the discussion forum is not publicly available.
All other materials are being linked from

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Oh wow turns out there was no break and I’ve got a bit to catch up on :slight_smile:

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Sorry about the confusion!

Not at all, my fault for just randomly clicking a link I saw somewhere and only ever refreshing the page I posted above rather than checking out where the course materials actually are!

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