High view description of the folders in .julia?



Hello, where can I find a discussion, possibly user-centered, about the folders inside .jullia ?

I have the following folders:

  • clones
  • compiled
  • conda
  • dev
  • environments
  • logs
  • packages
  • prefs
  • registries

What’s the role of this folders ? What if I want to reset all the packages in one specific versions of Julia (I saw that “environments” keeps only an index of packages not the packages themselves)


Full clones of package repos, basically a cache, maintained by Pkg.

Precompile *.ji files for packages.

Directory created and maintained by https://github.com/JuliaPy/Conda.jl.

Default directory used when you Pkg.develop a package.

Default package environments, like v1.0, v1.1.

REPL history, and some Pkg/Manifest usage.

Packages, maintained by Pkg, don’t touch.

Some config for https://github.com/JuliaLang/IJulia.jl.

Package registries.

Not sure what you mean with this.


Thank you for your very quick reply.
I mean that, at least with the previous versions, sometimes the whole environment was becoming a mess for package compatibilities and a quick way to come out was to start fresh and remove the packages of a specific version, that were all inside that version folder.

If I’ll want ever to reset a specific Julia version, what should I do now? Just remove the index from environments/vX.Y ?


Yea, removing the index files (Project.toml and Manifest.toml) for that environment should do what you want.


You can use pkg> gc to clean up unused versions of packages, if thats what you need.


What about the .cache directory? It’s a full GiB on my system, bigger than even packages.


I think that is from the old package manager.