What Packages in Julia can Create Piston Moving in a Cylinder Animation?

Hi all,

I have no MWE or codes at all, but perhaps there is someone who already made it here.

I want to create this https://miro.medium.com/max/640/0*URlUh_RUelxpA_QJ.gif

How exactly should I start? is Julia able to create the animation?

If you have the Images for the cylinder, I think you could use the `Plots.jl Package, to create an animation like that.

If you want it to look slick in 3d, Makie.jl


Just curious if blender would be a good fit?

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Maybe Javis.jl?

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Maybe Makie is not my style… thus I already find an answer witk Tikz and ImageMagick to convert it to GIF:


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Good work! TikZ is very powerful, and, if you do a lot of diagrams, probably worth learning.

For fun, here’s the logo for LoopVectorization.jl, made with Luxor: