How to make animated bar chart in julia?

I like to make an animated (gif) bar plot year wise. I have attached the gdp per capita.csv. I can make it using python Matplollib but how I can make it in Julia plot makie ?

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Have you had a look at the Makie.jl docs on this?

Or, the Plots.jl docs?

You don’t need Makie do that, it’s plain simple in Julia Plots.

If you want to see the GIF directly, use

@gif for i ∈ 1:n
    <insert plot function for one frame here>

If you want to save it as GIF or some other format (for example, I find MP4 very useful):

anim = @animate for i ∈ 1:n
     <same as above>

and then save it

gif(anim, "path/to/file", fps=2)
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