What package is the Print command in?

I’m getting too much stuff printing to the Julia shell and it’s annoying. I know there’s a Print command that prints to my editor (Pluto in this case), but I forget what package it’s in. Got a reminder? :smiley:

Sidenote: Pluto keeps saying to update, but absolutely refuses to. Tried it six times. It looks like iit’s updating, finishes with no error messages, but I have the same old version and get asked to update again on the next launch. Any ideas?

Did you try my suggestion here? Pluto for Julia keeps wanting to update when I already did. Is this a bug? - Stack Overflow

Yes: Julia > ] > update Pluto
no luck, alas. Still have 14.7 after doing st while still in pkg mode - but the update notice is for 15.1

Sent in a comment but no response yet.

If you start a regular Julia REPL and do

] st

what do you get?

@which function(signature) will tell you in what module and file a method is defined. But it’s not (iirc) the print(x) function that determines what Pluto shows. It’s show(::IO, ::MIME"text/html", x).

Print is defined in PlutoUI. It’s effectively the same as Text(...) from Julia Base: PlutoUI.jl/DisplayTricks.jl at main · fonsp/PlutoUI.jl · GitHub.