Pkg output doesn't show in PlutoUI with_terminal() in Julia 1.6.1

With julia 1.6.0 everything works as expected, however the output doesn’t show in 1.6.1:


What’s going on here, is this a bug in julia and/or PlutoUI?

Code to reproduce below

	using Pkg;
	using PlutoUI
with_terminal() do
with_terminal() do



Pluto v0.14.5

Seems worth reporting to Issues · fonsp/PlutoUI.jl · GitHub

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I think that’s a Julia issue, fixed in Use the current std(out|err) for printing, fixes #2542. by fredrikekre · Pull Request #2543 · JuliaLang/Pkg.jl · GitHub

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Thanks, yes I was reluctant to filing an issue at PlutoUI if it was indeed a Julia issue.

I looks like import Pkg; Pkg.DEFAULT_IO[] = stdout should be a workaround, but it seems to make no difference for me in 1.6.1, unfortunately.

Since the redirection here happens in with_terminal you need to use this inside that, or simply pass stdout explicitly, e.g.

with_terminal() do
    Pkg.status(; io = stdout)

That doesn’t work, unfortunately, maybe something else is going on here as well?

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Looks like a Pluto bug then, since this also fails (prints to the wrong stdout):

with_terminal() do
    println(stdout, "hello, world")

Thanks, that’s the same behavior in 1.6.0, though.

I gave it a shot in the latest nightly, where it works fine again, so it looks like it might be fixed with PR mentioned above:

Yea, since it is a bug in Pluto I am guessing it applies to all Julia versions.

Right. It has to do with PlutoUI’s with_terminal using the Suppressor.jl macro @capture_out to capture the stdout, I think, but I couldn’t figure out exactly what the problem was.

In case anyone wants to have a closer look, that is.

Hi, still no solution to this issue? Does that mean that with_terminal can’t be used in new versions of Pluto?

Newer Pluto version actually capture output to the terminal directly and display it in the notebook without any user intervention:


Then I don’t understand what I do wrong. In my case:
Pkg.status() (in notebook)

[7f904dfe] PlutoUI v0.7.37 (in terminal, nothing shows up in notebooks)
From worker 2: [b77e0a4c] InteractiveUtils
From worker 2: [d6f4376e] Markdown
From worker 2: [44cfe95a] Pkg
From worker 2: [de0858da] Printf

Which Pluto version are you using?

Version 0.18.