What is the deal with copy/paste in the vscode terminal?

ctrl-c and ctrl-v used to work (1.66.2). Now I am unable to persuade vscode to use these keys to copy from/ paste to the terminal. Any clues?

You might need ctrl+shift

I saw that. But I wanted ctrl-c. I tried remapping the binding, without success.

I have a constantly evolving, complex mental model of the interactions of copy/paste methods for X11, emacs, KDE clipboard, and google chrome.

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On Windows add Win+v etc.

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Wow. Dumb luck, but I finally chanced on the right combo:

    "terminal.integrated.sendKeybindingsToShell": false,
        "key": "ctrl+c",
        "command": "-workbench.action.terminal.sendSequence",
        "when": "terminalFocus && terminalTextSelected",
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