What is the best way to keyboard macros in Julia/VSCode?

I use Autohotkey to create keyboard macros (bindings) that can be quite useful. They do not seem to work inside the Visual Studio Code editor. The same key binding that works inside, say, Notepad, does not have any effect in the Visual Studio Code editor.


  1. Is there a way to fix this problem?
  2. Is there a better way to create and use key bindings under Visual Studio Code?

Have you tried one of these keymap VS Code extensions? Linking also this reference.

Most of these extensions have a preset menu of key bindings. I would like to use my own. VSCode has snippets but they are a “language” with a version per language like Julia or Python. I would like something simpler: just cut and paste formatted text I have saved somewhere. A key binding would give access to it, for example,


The ;Space combination would tell VSCode to paste the code on the editor. The code would be someting like

for i in 1:n

and I could modify it (if necessary) after pasted on the editor.