VSCode: keyboard shortcuts broken?


I must congratulate the VSCode team on a wonderful plugin.
I have a project with multiple modules. To make it faster to develop, I follow the below pattern to debug:

  1. Create a script which calls multiple modules. I start off by selecting some lines and Alt+Enter to execute
  2. go to my module, select a line and press ctrl+Enter to execute. this might refer to some variables in step.1 above. because variables names are same, it would work

this workflow seems to have broken in the newer version of VSCode plugin. Now

  1. Create a script which calls multiple modules. I have to press Shift+Enter. Alt+Enter runs the complete file
  2. Pressing ctrl+Enter doesn’t work. I have to manually copy the lines into REPL to get it to work

I tried with a few options in preferences, like copying code to REPL before executing, to no avail.

Can anyone please help with this? Do we know why step 2 is now broken?


The default key bindings have changed in the latest release of the Julia extension for VS Code.

See here for an announcement of the release:

And here for updated documentation regarding ways to run code:

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thanks for the pointer mate! looks like they have indeed changed and removed some keybindings. Anyone else who runs into this, here is what I did:

  1. Look at an earlier version of VSCode package.json. you are looking for the section: keybindings.


  1. Copy the keybindings section and paste in your local installation. restart and reload extension.

Hope it helps