What is julia (insider) vs code extension

I stumbled upon this project which seems to let the host provide a running vs code instance to remote clients as a web-accessible ide.

However, after logging in via the web site from the remote, the only julia extension visible in its extension list is the “insider” version, is this different than the one I should be using? They are both 1.0.8.

In contrast, “Julia 1.0.8” and “Julia 1.0.8 (Insider)” show up in the desktop ide.

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looks like the vsix file can be directly obtained from here

Whoa, didn’t know about code-server but that’s awesome! I’ve been looking for a way to run VSCode on a remote server that is ridiculously locked down by the admins to where the Remote SSH extension doesn’t work, but this at least gives me an in-browser option that honestly works great. Thanks for sharing! (even if that wasn’t your goal :slight_smile: )

(btw, you can get vsix file also directly from the Github release https://github.com/julia-vscode/julia-vscode/releases/tag/v1.0.8 under assets)

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Wow, ssh is such a basic need. After a week with code-server I think it’s more of a tool for people who are much more web savvy than the average julia user. For development tasks like writing packages it works almost as well as desktop vs code which works almost as well as juno. Fancier stuff like integrated report notebooks, which rely on a separate web back end do not “just work” atm. In any case, huge shout out to the vs code julia community for making any of this possible.

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