Julia extension and VScode server

Is the Julia extension tested against VScode server GitHub - cdr/code-server: VS Code in the browser?
The plot gallery didn’t seem to work last time I checked.

Related: in general I know that a local VScode can connect via SSH to a remote server (on paper, never tried), but what’s not clear to me is where would the integrate Julia REPL be running in that case, on the remote? If I want to debug code on the remote machine it should be running there (for example if I only have a GPU there).

Should work fine. 3.9.2 definitely works.

Everything will run on the remote.

Thank you!
The second (local VScode can connect via SSH to a remote server) might be a superior solution then depending on the situation. I definitely need to check it out. Can you point me to a quick tutorial? (general VScode ssh capabilities and/or Julia specific aspects in terms of remote integrated REPL etc)

It could be useful to have the links here as reference.

OK Developing on Remote Machines using SSH and Visual Studio Code was enough for me to get it to work. Installation or the remote Julia extension was suggested automatically and it was just 1-click.

I had more work on my side due to an unusual ProxyCommand, but that’s another story.