What is the difference between the version of Julia installed in windows and the one in VS Code in extension?

The julia version that I installed in my windows machine is v. 1.6.3. While the julia extension that I installed in VS Code is v1.5.10.
This is what I get when from REPL of VS Code, I dont know why it gives v. 1.6.3 not `v1.5.10? I dont know the overlap or the operation for each?

julia> versioninfo()
Julia Version 1.6.3

The Julia VS Code extension isn’t Julia. It’s a VS Code extension that provides Julia. v1.5.10 is the version of the extension, not of the version of Julia it provides.

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@Oscar_Smith Thanks for your reply.
So, the Julia VS Code extension is just an editor that allows .jl files to shown in VS Code?

It adds a few things. Syntax highlighting, language server, and a few others.

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