What is "JRUN_CLUSTER_COOKIE" error from initialisecluster() (JuliaRunClient)

I was going through tutorial notebooks on parallelisations and encountered this. What does this mean?
the same error is for initParallel() also.

Where did you find the tutorial? JuliaRunClient seems to not have had a release in four years, and a link to the JuliaComputing page on the GitHub repo returns a 404 - it might well be that this package is not supported any longer and does not work on recent Julia versions.

Hi! Thanks for reply
I found this notebook on Julia tutorials on github.

What do this package do though and how is it helpful in parallelization.

There was also this macro @parallel that I came across on some tutorial documentation. But it doesn’t seem to work now.

Could you provide the actual link to the tutorial?

I have no idea what the package does, and have never come across it. If you’re new to parallel computing in Julia maybe have a look here:


Which also includes a list of relevant libraries towards the bottom.

Here’s the link:

Yep! I am new to parallel computing.

Ah right, these do seem to be quite old - looks like @logankilpatrick has done some work updating them a while ago, maybe he can comment on their status.

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Yeah, those videos are outdated and I am not a parallel computing expert, any interest in helping make some new videos based off of that tutorial above @nilshg :slight_smile: ?

:slight_smile: Good try, unfortunately I know next to nothing about parallel computing as I haven’t really used it since I submitted my PhD in 2015 (although I think the distributed processing scheme based on SharedArrays would actually still be working fine these days!)

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