What is going on with the support for arrow-julia?

Please help.

  1. the link to “full documentation” is broken at GitHub - apache/arrow-julia: Official Julia implementation of Apache Arrow
  2. the link to https://arrow.juliadata.org is broken
  3. the link to julia from the front page of apache (this discussion tool won’t let me post a third link in a topic, but if you can’t find the front page to apache, you need more help than I do) is broken.

So, even though I can load the arrow package from the github into Julia, there is no documentation, no examples (other than test/ ), no nothing, nada, zip, nil, bupkis, zilch to help me write a program using arrow.

googling returned this, it looks like the bare beginning of documentation: https://docs.juliahub.com/Arrow/QnF3w/0.4.1/

got an email from the maintainer, there was a problem with the build of the docs, here it is:

I apologize for my frustration.

I’ll repost my answer from the arrow mailing list so anyone who comes across this gets the same kind of answer:

The Julia implementation moved from the JuliaData GitHub org to the apache org, and there have been some wrinkles to iron out in the transition, one of which is how to host + automatically deploy documentation updates. We just resolved this in the last day or two with the link Jacob provided, so future releases should deploy correctly at the appropriate links. Feel free to open GitHub issues at the repository for any other issues/concerns you run into.