What is difference between Julia and Python in nutshell?

Is really Julia better than PyThon?

and what is best why to learn Julia through windows system?

There are lots of threads here already about this topic, I recommend searching for them instead of starting a new one. General questions like this tend to produce less useful discussions than asking about specific details. The answer which is better is subjective, and it’s best if you find out for yourself by trying both for a while.


Thank you. After asking the question, i also felt that its very general query. Sorry for trouble and thanks for reply.

Well, that depends a lot on how you define “best”.

If you are in a work group or company, that has all their code base in Python and all work in Python and everything depends on Python. Then Python ist better in that environment – compared to spending a few years porting everything to Julia.

The same the other way around, if you are in a group/environment that only uses Julia of course.

Besides that, an overview of differences between both can for example be found at Noteworthy Differences from other Languages · The Julia Language
which might focus a bit more on the technical side – on the philosophical side – proper typing, multiple dispatch, and JIT, or even more general solving the 2-language problem is what I like in Julia.