What is a Makie Object

I am trying to control the radius of a HyperSphere using Makie textsliders and have been unsuccessful. So I figured I would use scale! to scale an object. But I have not seen any definition of a Makie Object. I thought that the HyperSphere would qualify. It does not. Here is a minimal working example that does not work. (I have been able to control the size of markers. So perhaps drawing a mesh with a single sphere would do the trick. But surely, there is another method. Assume I had a cube and all I wanted to do is rotate the cube within a scene with the rest of the objects staying in fixed locations? In the days I was using OpenGL, the use of matrix stacks was useful for this purpose. Thanks for any help and advice.

using Makie, GeometryTypes, AbstractPlotting
using LightGraphs, MetaGraphs

# For some reason, `using Makie` does not import its functions.
const AP = Makie

function setupCamera!(scene)
    cam = cam3d!(scene)
    #cam.projectiontype[] = AbstractPlotting.Orthographic
    eyepos = Makie.Vec3f0(5, 1.5, 0.5);
    lookat = Makie.Vec3f0(0., 0., 0.);

function makePlot()
    marker_size = 0.0002
    scene = Scene();
    sradius, s_marker_radius = textslider(2f0.^(0.5f0:0.25f0:20f0), "light pos r", start=2f0)
    sphere = Makie.Sphere(Makie.Point3f0(0), 1f0)
    mesh!(scene, sphere, color=:red, scale=s_marker_radius)   # HOW TO CHANGE SPHERE RADIUS?
    parent_scene = Scene()
    hbox(sradius, scene, parent=parent_scene)

# Execute the function