Makie, Mesh, turning axis visibility

I have two objects displayed in two scenes within Makie. A box with axes appears up for each object. How do I turn these off? I include an image that shows the two sets of axes.

I realize that I could create a single scene, but I wish to manipulate the radius of each sphere via two textsliders, which requires each sphere to be in its own scene. In other words, I would like to better understand how to create subscenes with axis visibility turned off. Thank you.

Here is the code (I took out the slider bars since is a MWE):

using Makie
using AbstractPlotting  # Not sure this is required

function makePlot_MWE()
    parent = Scene()
    s_sphere = Scene(parent)
    sphere = Sphere(Point3f0(0), .2f0)
    mesh!(s_sphere, sphere, color=:red) #, model=model)
    s_sphere1 = Scene(parent)
    sphere = Sphere(Point3f0(0.2, .3, .1), .5f0)

    mesh!(s_sphere1, sphere, color=:green)
    return parent


Each scene gets an Axis by default.
Try: show_axis=false

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It worked! Thank you.

function makePlot_works()
    marker_size = 0.0002
    sradius, s_marker_radius = textslider((0.5f0:0.25f0:10f0), "Radius", start=2.f0)
    sradius1, s_marker_radius1 = textslider((0.5f0:0.25f0:10f0), "Radius", start=2.f0)

    par = Scene(show_axis=true)

    s_sphere = Scene(par, show_axis=false)
    sphere = Sphere(Point3f0(0), .2f0)
    meshplot = mesh!(s_sphere, sphere, color=:red)
    on(s_marker_radius) do x
        scale!(meshplot, x, x, x)

    s_sphere1 = Scene(par, show_axis=false)
    sphere1 = Sphere(Point3f0(0.2, .3, .1), .5f0)
    meshplot1 = mesh!(s_sphere1, sphere1, color=:green)
    on(s_marker_radius1) do x
        scale!(meshplot1, x, x, x)

    parent = hbox(sradius, sradius1, par) #, parent=parenkjt_scene)
    return parent

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@sdanisch: I looked at the source code, and found the Scene struct and constructor with no mention of show_axis within scenes.jl. Except for a brief mention in the documentation, how would I deduce from the source code that show_axis was a valid argument to Scene? Isn’t this argument a popular one if subscenes are used? I did find scene_attributes which contains :show_axis and other parameters, such as :limits. Does that mean that I can use the limits argument when invoking Scene? Things are getting a little clearer. Thanks.

function Scene(
        theme::Attributes, # the default values a scene owns
        attributes::Attributes, # the actual attribute values of a scene
        parent = nothing,
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Its a big mess that needs cleaning up :smiley:
The scene struct should get a little overhaul soon!


Overall, Makie is very cool!



Why would the following construct crash?

    AP.scatter!(parent_scene, x[1:1], y[1:1], z[1:1], markersize=.03, color=:darkblue, transparency=true)
    on(marker_radius) do x
        AP.scatter!(parent_scene, x[1:1], y[1:1], z[1:1], markersize=x[], color=:darkblue, transparency=true)

I do a scatter of a single point. This works, with markersize=0.03.
I then add a statement to provide control via a slider. Notice the markersize=x[]. Why would the code now crash given that x[] is the underlying value of the Observable? What am I missing?

I now understand how to translate, scale, rotate, individual scene components, each considered as subscenes. I still would like the ability of modify details of a scene as I was trying to do above with AP.scatter(... , when simple matrix operations on the entire scene are not adequate. Can you help with this?
Must I add and remove subscene components to the parent scene as opposed to updating them? For example, if I wish to modify the location of one of the markers via a text slider, how could I do this?