Makie hypersphere with radius other than 1?


I’m using Makie to display a physics engine, and I’m trying to draw 3D spheres of different radii,
however, when I try to display “Sphere(Point3(0),5)” for example, it still shows a sphere with a radius of 1. I looked at the source code and I believe the second argument should be the radius, however, no matter what value I enter there, the sphere remains unchanged. I’m still learning, so chances are I’m doing something completely wrong.
Any clues?

thanks in advance

Can you give the full code you tried?

using Makie

Works just fine for me.

Note, that you can also do:

meshscatter(rand(Point3f0, 100), markersize = LinRange(0.01, 0.03, 100))

For lots of spheres :wink: You can also use other geometries via the marker argument, and also color them etc :wink:

Thanks for responding so quickly!
The first example also gives me a unit sphere, if I can trust the gridlines provided in the plot.
The second example does work.

using Makie
scene = Scene()

for radius in [1,2,3,4]
    #plot multiple spheres w/ different radii and centers
    wireframe!(scene, Sphere(Point3(2*radius),radius),limits=FRect3D([0,0,0],[10,10,10]))
    s = scene[end]

record(scene, "interaction.mp4", collect(0:60)) do i
    #perform translations and rotations on spheres

This is a minimal example of what I currently use, which for me plots only unit spheres, all of them having the origin as center (I plot them seperatly to be able to store the “scene[end]”, to apply rotations and translations to each individual sphere while running the simulation, if that makes sense)

Hi, I recompiled Makie and now it suddenly works, thanks for the response, sorry to bother!