What is a .jtexw file?

The Atom package language-weave claims to support the following files:

  • Weave.jl: markdown for .jmd, .mdw and .jmdw (markdown with noweb)
  • Weave.jl: LaTex for texw, .jtexw and .jnw.
  • Weave.jl: reStructuredText for .jrstw
  • Pweave: markdown for .pmd and .pmdw (markdown with noweb)
  • Pweave: LaTex for .ptexw and .pnw
  • Pweave: reStructuredText for .prstw and .rstw

What is a .jtexw file?

As far as I can guess, since .md are markdowns and .jmd are Julia markdowns, the .jtexw is a tex file with some sort of julia support?

Pretty sure jtexw is just a custom file ending for Julia-TEX-Weave and has no particular meaning apart from the fact that the Atom plugin recognizes that file type.

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