What does the "triage" tag on Github mean?

Issues on Github are constantly being labelled and unlabelled triage in quick succession, and people often refer to “triage calls” and similar terms. I gather that the triage label means something along the lines of “people, we need to actually make a decision here”, but how exactly does it work?

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There is a #triage channel in the Slack with a weekly (Thursday usually?) triage call where a bunch of people get together to make quicker decisions. It’s all open and anyone can join the Slack, join the channel, and join the call. The information about the call of the week is in the topic part of the channel.


@ChrisRackauckas Thanks. I would accept this as answering my question, but for some reason Discourse isn’t giving me that option. (Nor is it showing this reply as a reply.)

Yeah, only some categories on discourse have those features enabled, this category seems to be left without.

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